Council Rock Twilight Program

    The Council Rock Twilight Program was created to educate students in grades 9 through 12 who are displaced from their home school. Student displacement may occur due to extended absence from school, issues related to a medical or mental health diagnosis, and those students excluded for 45 days or more due to violation of the Council Rock School Board Policy. Students who are not excluded due to a policy violation may be admitted through an administrative application or IEP team placement decision.

    Program Goals


    1.   To prepare the student to re-enter the traditional school program after a prolonged absence

    2.   To prevent reoccurrence of disciplinary exclusion (for those who have violated district policy)

    3.   To maintain and enhance the student’s academic skills

    4.   To complete the student’s academic requirements that will enable the student to graduate from high school

    5.   To develop the social skills and behavioral strategies to develop resiliency and frustration tolerance to mitigate the symptoms of a medical or mental health condition.

    Program Population

    Students who have experienced a prolonged absence from school due to either medical or mental health diagnoses may be admitted to the Twilight program to help prepare the student to re-enter their home school; this may include direct instruction in social or behavioral skills, in addition to academic instruction. Also, students who have been excluded from their home school for 45 days or more due to violation of Council Rock School Board Policy may be assigned to attend the Council Rock Twilight Program for the duration of their exclusion. Students aged 17 years or older to whom compulsory attendance laws do not apply will be considered for participation on a case-by-case basis by their home school administrators.  Students who have been permanently expelled from Council Rock School District are not eligible for participation in the Twilight program.
    Program Participation

    Students who are assigned to the Twilight Program during a disciplinary exclusion may not attend their home school during their period of exclusion. Parents of students aged 16 years and younger who elect not to have their child participate in the Twilight Program must make alternate arrangements, at their own expense, for their child’s education, as approved by the Council Rock Assistant Superintendent, to satisfy State Compulsory Attendance laws.

    Students who are placed at the Twilight program due to displacement from their home school may be admitted to Twilight through their grade-level administrator or IEP team. Students may not attend Twilight for more than one school year.

    Regardless of the reason for participation in the Twilight program, all students must follow the Twilight program rules and procedures, or they may be removed from the program.

    Program Staff

    The Council Rock Twilight Program staff will consist of one certified teacher who will direct the program, one or more content area certified teachers to tutor students, one program assistant (as needed depending upon student enrollment), and one counselor or behavior therapist. A school district administrator will supervise the daily operation of the Twilight Program.

    Individuals participating in a Student Teaching program in Council Rock School District may also be required to perform a rotation at the Twilight Program.
    Program Structure
    Location:                         Council Rock Education Center, 661 Penn Street, Newtown, PA 18940

    Telephone :                     215-944-2978

    Hours of Operation:        2:00pm – 5:00pm  Monday through Thursday

    Twilight Program closed on Fridays and all school district holidays.  The Council Rock Twilight Program will be in session during each regularly scheduled school day. The program will follow the District school calendar regulating days of student attendance, and will be closed on days when traditional school students are not in attendance. If the high schools are closed either during the school day or after-school due to holidays or inclement weather, the Twilight Program will also be closed.