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    Welcome to Mr. Coulter's Homepage!
    I will be using Google Classroom and Calendar for Notes and Review Keys.
    All students should have joined the classroom at this date.
    Please email me mcoulter@crsd.org with any questions  

    Click on your class calendar for upcoming quiz and test dates

    Alegebra 2 Calendar 

            Notes for Daily Lessons can be found here (you must be signed in)

           Homework can be found here (you must be signed in)

            Pearson Online book here

    Accelerated Geometry Calendar 

    Geometry Calendar


     I am available every Tuesday and Thursday for clinic and usually M,W,F as well 

    in Room 267 please let me know you are coming 
    Class Schedule
                              Period 1: Algebra 2 (room 269)
                              Period 2: Algebra 2 (room 271)
                              Period 3: Prep 
                              Period 4/5: Accelerated Geometry (room 267)
                              Period 6/7: Geometry (room 267)
                              Period 9: Geometry (room 267)
    Because of copyright sensitive information, students are required to sign in to the website to access all of my resources.
    • Student login names for PCs and laptops are the students’ eSchool ids (student\eschoolID).
    • Student login names for Chromebooks are eSchoolID@student.crsd.org
    • H drives are named Last Name + eSchool id.  
    • NEW Student passwords are:  tree890-    (The last character is a dash, the character right after the zero on the keyboard.)  --- CHANGE THIS PASSWORD!
    • The password has not changed for students who were here last year.