• WACV Orphanage
    West Africa Community Vision Inc. is a student-run charity founded in 2010. WACV Inc. operates in the Denu Region of Ghana using the infrastructure of Students Travel and Exposure South Africa and works with high school chapters across the nation to improve the living conditions of communities in West Africa. 
    We are in the midst of building an orphanage for 57 orphans in Aflao, a village in the Denu Region of Ghana. However, we need your help to do so. Members are needed to help setup and manage events for fundraisers.
    Members of West Africa Community Vision Inc. that are at the 10th Grade or above can apply to be a part of the 2016 Summer Volunteer Program which will last for 3 weeks (August 4th to August 25th) in Aflao, Ghana. Applications will be online in the coming week. There, students can be exposed to the culture and lifestyle of Ghana, volunteer in schools and hospitals, and also explore the sights that Ghana has to offer.
    At the meeting we will be discussing the launching of the campaign and also the opportunity to travel to Ghana.
    Contact: info@wacvinc.org 
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