Welcome to Mrs. Vierick's Website!

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I teach two different classes this year--Honors Experimental Research in STEM and Honors Biology

    STEM students will be using Google Classroom. All students should have signed up for our class by this point. If you have not, please see me for the class code.

    Honors Biology students will be using Canvas 


    Important Dates for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Notice: These dates are based on the 2019-2020 approved calendar and are subject to change with inclement weather and other events that alter the schedule.

    03Sep2019--First Day for 9th grade

    04Sep2019--All students Report

    30Sep2019--Holiday (All Schools Closed)

    01Oct2019--Holiday (All Schools Closed)

    09Oct2019--Holiday (All Schools Closed)

    05Nov2-19--Election Day (No Students)

    27Nov2019--No School for Students

    28Nov2019-29Nov2019--Thanksgiving Break (All Schools Closed)

    23Dec2019-01Jan2020--Winter Break (All Schools Closed)

    20Jan2020--Holiday (All Schools Closed)

    28Jan2020--Early Dismissal K-12

    14Feb2020--No School for Students

    17Feb2020--Holiday (All Schools Closed)

    06Apr2020-10Apr2020--Spring Break (pending Make-up days #5 and 6 are not needed)(All Schools Closed)

    28Apr2020--Election Day (All Schools Closed)

    25May2020--Holiday (All Schools Closed)

    15Jun2020--Graduation (Potential Last day assuming Make-up days 1-4 or 7+ are not needed)