Welcome to the

     RHE Broadcast Club


    Dear Broadcasters and Parents,

         We are very excited about this club and we have a great group of students!  Our mission is to keep our students and staff informed and excited about the highlights and happenings at Rollng Hills Elementary.

         We plan, script, and produce a daily production that is available to every classtoom each day.  Here's a sample of what may be included in our daily Morning Announcments:

    • The Pledge of Allegience
    • Student and staff birthday wishes
    • A weather report from our Rolling Hills rooftop weather station
    • Special announcements & reminders
    • First in Math News
    • Philly Sports Highlights
    • Staff Spotlight
    • Tuesday Tongue Twisters
    • Friday Funny
    • Rolling Hills Fun Facts

         Please remember that your academics are your number one priority. At any time if the responsibilities of the club becomes too much, please talk to us. This club is meant to teach you about technology, but also to enjoy learning new skills!

         Each broadcaster is assigned to a team that meets one day a week for the rest of the year.  On your assigend day, you are expected to arrive at 8:15 a.m. in your scheduled room.  There is a link to our meeting room schedule on this site.

         The Broadcast Club depends on the commitment of its members.  If for any reason you cannot attend on your scheduled day, you need to let your lead teacher know BEFORE the meeting.  Attendance will be taken at each meeting.  If you miss more than two meetings without telling your team leader in advanced, you will be let go from the club.

    Here are the email addresses for our team leaders: 

    Mrs. McDonald – smcdonald@crsd.org

    Mrs. Morrison – pmorrison@crsd.org

    Mrs. Pollack – cpollack@crsd.org


    Thank you for your cooperation and time.  We look forward to broadcasting with you!

    The Broadcast Team Leaders,

    Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Pollack