• C.A.R.E.S.

    (Children At Risk in an Educational System)

    What is the CARES Program?  

    In Pennsylvania, every middle and high school has a Student Assistance Program (SAP). A SAP team, made up of school and community agency staff, is a group of individuals formed to assist you in accessing school and community services. Council Rock SAP teams are called CARES teams (Children at Risk in the Educational System).


School: C.A.R.E.S. - Newtown Middle School
Coordinator: Laurie Zila
Phone:  215-944-2652
Email: LZilla@crsd.org
Website:  Website

School: C.A.R.E.S. - Holland Middle School
Coordinator: Brian Ludwig
Phone:  215-944-2772
Email: bludwig@crsd.org
Website:  Website

School: C.A.R.E.S. - Council Rock High School North
Coordinator: Leigh Ann Doyle
Phone:  215-944-1352
Email: ldoyle@crsd.org
Website:  Website

School: C.A.R.E.S. - Council Rock High School South
Coordinator: Tom Williams
Phone:  215-944-2772
Email: twilliams@crsd.org
Website:  Website

School: The Sloan School
Coordinator: Kevin Donnelley
Phone:  215-944-4384
Email: kdonnelly@crsd.org
Website:  Website


Elementary School Churchville
Counselor Tiffany Drain
Email tdrain@crsd.org
Phone 215-944-1756
Website Website
Elementary School Hillcrest & Rolling Hills
Counselor Alexis Sandberg
Email asandberg
Phone 215-944-1604
Website Website
Elementary School Goodnoe
Counselor Stephanie Young
Email srothrock
Phone 215-944-2176
Website Website
Elementary School Holland & Richboro
Counselor Dolores O'Neill
Email doneill@crsd.org
Phone 215-944-6040
Website Website
Elementary School Newtown
Counselor Tammy Cook
Email tcook@crsd.org
Phone 215-944-2259
Website Website
Elementary School Sol Feinstone
Counselor Craig Miller
Email cmiller1@crsd.org
Phone 215-944-2435
Website Website
Elementary School MMW & Wrightstown
Counselor Nancy Jachimski
Email njachimski@crsd.org
Phone 215-944-1846
Website Website