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    Room 282 west
    this year's classes are:
    2nd period: Academic American Civilization 9
    3rd period: Honors American Studies 1 (gifted-9th grade)       
    eriod 4-5: Honors American Studies 1 (gifted-9th grade)   
    period 6/9: Honors American Studies 1 (gifted-9th grade)
    9th period:  Honors American Civilization 9

    Contact Information:    
    Home base: Room 282 west
    Social Studies Department Office:  215 944 1333                                  
    E-mail address:  sconrad@crsd.org
    extracurricular assignments: 
    Sponsor, Political Science Club
    Sponsor, JSU
    Sponsor, Civil War Club
    CR North Swimming Team Announcer
    Contact person:  Gettysburg College Civil War Institute; Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania