Holland Middle School



    Coach Contact  
    Varsity Coach: Mrs. Kelly Korn - kkorn@crsd.org
    JV Coach: Mr. Gregory Kramer - coachkramer1@gmail.com
    If you are interested in participating in girls volleyball this school year, please attend an informational meeting in RA on Thursday, September 7th, 2023 in the auditorium. 
    Tryout Start Date: Wednesday September 13th, 2023 3:15-4:45pm.  Please be prepared to continue tryouts for the whole week and into the following week.  All athletes will need to have their own ride home at 4:45pm.  There are no buses.
    In order to participate in a fall sport, every athlete will need to complete ALL THREE PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS.  All participation requirements are due Friday September 8th, 2023.
    The THREE required participation requirements:
    1. Online PIAA physical packet: Directions on how to complete all five forms, including the athletic physical, can be found on our Athletic Physical Information page.
    2. Online CCET Concussion Education Program: The concussion education program will need to be completed at home, by the athlete.  Instructions on how to complete it can be found on our Concussion and Safety page. 
    3. Online Concussion Impact Test: The online concussion impact test will need to be completed at home, by the athlete.  Instructions on how to complete it can be found on our Concussion and Safety page. 
    If you need any help or if you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Director, Sarah Spadafora (sspadafora@crsd.org)
    Pratice Rules:
    1. Wear tie sneakers, athletic clothing and bring a labeled water bottle. LEAVE JEWELRY AT HOME!
    2. Your cell phone is not to be used during practices or games.
     3. Practices are 3:15-4:45 Monday-Friday - ALL are considered mandatory sessions (must communicate in writing if you are going to miss a practice for any reason). Missing the practice prior to a game will affect playing time.
    4. Rides home should be prompt - please have your ride here by 4:45 - car pooling suggested/recommended.
     How Volleyball Games Work:
    1. Home games
    • start at 3:30PM
    • players should report to the gym immediately after school and change in to their uniform ad help set up the gym for the game
    • Pick up is at 5:00 - players are expected to stay for the entire game and help clean up after the games.
    • Spectators will only sit on the bleachers on the opposite side of the gym from the players.
    • Players expected to stay in the bleachers and cheer on teammates when not playing
    2. Away games 
    • Dismissal is at 2:10 and bus leaves at 2:20 - do not be late (and you are responsible for all work missed - make sure to check in with your teacher).  **Newtown games are a 2:20 Dismissal and 2:30 bus.
    • Most games have a 3:15 start (Newtown is 3:30)
    • Meet on the Hillcrest side of the building to board the bus - BRING EVERYTHING WITH YOU
    • Masks required on the bus
    • Players will call/text when on the bus with an ETA for pick up at 
    • Permission form for parent driving home from an away match must be on file or players must take the return bus (must sign out with coach before leaving)


    **The Varsity Squad plays a best of 3 match, the first two sets to 25, a deciding set to 15 if needed. All players on the varsity squad will play during this match. 

    **The JV squad plays 15 point games for the remaining time after the varsity match. We do our best to get all players in, if we do not due to time constraints those players are guaranteed to player in the next game. 

    Important Information: