• Acting / Directing 

    Student actors, at this time should start looking for their final monologues. We'll start working on these during 4th MP, which begins Monday, April 20.

    Evaluation of each choice will be made and students will then begin rehearsal of these pieces.  Have fun with this one. Pick something you'll look forward to performing! 

    Pick your own favorite or check out this site for information about thousands of plays:


    Check out this site for access to theatrical monologues:


    Another site which allows you to search and view monologues online is ...


    (You'll need to create an account, which is free, and narrow your search to only for those texts which are in the public domain.  Do this by choosing that option in the drop down bar  below the titles listed under "monologues"--"Show licensed, full text monologues only".) 

    Find a monologue which intrigues you, one which will enable you to not only have fun but also to grow as a performer!

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    You have the option to perform one final monologue as well, if you'd like do so. :-)