Council Rock School District will keep student, family, and staff health and safety as our top priority while schools remain closed and as we transition to providing continuity of education for our students. Starting Monday, March 30, 2020 we will begin to deliver distance learning.

    We are asking for everyone’s (including students, parents, and staff) patience and understanding as we launch what for most will be a brand-new way of teaching and learning.

    It will take some time for all of us to adjust, discover which ways of teaching and learning work better than others, determine how much work is too much or too little, etc. We also know that many parents are working remotely while your children are working on their schoolwork at home, that home WIFI systems may be strained and stretched, and that many of our teachers are also at home without childcare. Together, if we all enter into this experience with grace and patience with each other and with the distance learning experience, we are certain to have a good, successful experience, especially as we all settle in more and more in the weeks ahead.

    With the idea of easing into this experience, our first week of distance learning will focus on helping students feel comfortable with their new learning environment. Teachers will build an online classroom community and establish routines. During this first week of settling in, they may focus more on review of material than new learning. Also during this first week, no assignments will be graded.

    As we continue with distance learning, elementary and middle school teachers will continue giving feedback, scores, or grades for assignments as they normally do. However, we will not be providing formal report cards for the third and fourth marking periods.

    At the high school (9-12 grade level) we will allow for an extension of the 3rd marking period until April 17 so that students and teachers have an opportunity to gain grade/assignment closure. The third marking period will be a combination of the face-to-face instruction (January 29 - March 12) and distance learning (March 30-April 17).

    At the high school, the 4th marking period will run from April 20 until the conclusion of the academic year (or the conclusion of distance learning). Students will be expected to complete their assignments to the best of their abilities. Students will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis for the 4th marking period. If we return to traditional schooling, the grading will be reconsidered as appropriate.

    As learners, your students will engage in a mostly asynchronous environment. This means that teachers will not require students to be online at a specified time. There may be times when teachers invite students to join them in a real-time session, but it will not be required. We certainly understand that it may not be possible for your child(ren) to follow the typical school day schedule as you navigate daily life at home under these unprecedented circumstances.

    Teachers will provide instruction through Google Classroom, Canvas, or their teacher website. Students should access information from the platform their teachers have been using throughout the school year. If you are uncertain of the platform your child’s teacher is using, please visit our Distance Learning Database, select the building and teacher. This database contains the method of instruction as well as the best way to contact the teacher. It also contains links to Google Classroom and Canvas for students.

    Teachers will post a weekly overview and assignments on the first day of each week. Students may work on the tasks throughout the week. As much as possible, teachers will try to use resources and tools that are familiar to students. However, some resources may be more difficult to use in an online environment. Teachers and other instructional staff will be available via email throughout the typical school day and will respond to questions in a timely manner.

    Students may be asked to submit video or audio assignments, with parent permission. Teachers will provide a link to a permission form. We ask parents to complete a separate form for each school-age child in the family. If you or your child(ren) are unable or do not wish to submit video or audio assignments, the teacher will offer another option(s).

    Supportive services professionals such as Counselors, Therapists, Teacher Assistants, and… will contact parents directly to obtain permission to interact with students and assist them remotely.

    We have developed expectations and guidelines that will help students establish a learning environment in your home. We ask that you review these guidelines with your students. Teachers will also review them with their students.



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