Señora Macrone

    Español II y IV Honores

    Correo electrónico: nmacrone@crsd.org

    Teléfono: 215 944-1357

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!


    Welcome back to Spanish class!  Get ready to USE your Spanish skills every day and drastically improve your vocabulary and grammar knowledge.  My main goal is that you use Spanish each day while gaining a greater sense of confidence through interaction with your peers, the community and me.


    Recuerden: Strive to be 1% better every day.

    La buena organización es esencial

    Please keep a 3 ring binder for this class.  All handouts will have 3 holes to help organize you.  NO FOLDERS/NOTEBOOKS please.  Textbook codes will be distributed (take a pic of it with your phone as to not lose it).   To access the online text, visit: https://my.hrw.com/ (for Level II Honores) and https://www.vhlcentral.com/ (for Level IV Honores)


    Hablamos español…SIEMPRE

    Spanish is the language that we use to communicate in this class.  It’s the one class where you are ENCOURAGED to TALK!  How exciting is that?!

    ¡Ay de mí…la tarea!

    Homework provides additional practice that is essential to learning a language. Homework is checked at random and can be graded for completion or correctness. Homework is not assigned on weekends or over holidays. 

    El respeto es número uno

    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. You can be sure that I will treat you with respect, graciousness and encouragement. I expect you to pass it on!

    ¡Me encantan las preguntas!

    Please ask questions when you have them. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU RECEIVE HELP BEFORE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT CONCEPT. I have clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 3pm in room 275 West.


    Música miércoles

    Each Wednesday we will listen to a Spanish song to begin the class period. This is a great way to learn vocabulary not in the textbook as well as regional vocabulary and accents!


    La palabra de la semana

    Each week we will learn a new word that is not something that we would ordinarily learn in the text book.  It may be a popular phrase, a medical term or a word of encouragement. 

    Todos tenemos problemas

    I believe that a positive classroom environment is essential for learning to take place. If you have any type of concern, that may be affecting your work, please take a moment to tell me at the beginning of class.


    If you are absent and miss an assignment, there will be a binder labeled by class level that will contain the previous day’s lesson plan as well as any worksheets that you will need. Exchange phone numbers with a classmate to obtain notes/assignments.

    Mi sitio de web

    My website will be used at times for online assignments, both inside and outside of the classroom. Also, the guidelines are posted there at all times as well as some enrichment resources such as classzone.com.



    Be on time, every day…that’s it. If you are late, it WILL lower your participation grade.



    You may use the bathroom the LAST five minutes of class only. Take “Donaldo” the duck as your pass.



    Participation is worth roughly 25% of your grade and is based on your overall efforts, which includes following the guidelines stated above and your actual active oral/written participation in the Spanish language. Remember that this is a subjective grade that I monitor. Your questions are extremely important. They show me that you are interested and paying attention. Participation specifically includes:


    - Active participation (asking/answering questions, cooperation and participation in group activities…)

    - Homework 100% complete

    - Respect (Following class guidelines stated above)

    - Preparedness (3 ring binder, paper, pen…)

    - Punctuality

    All other grades including tests, quizzes and projects will be given a points value (tests being worth 100 points) = 70% of your grade

    **Cheating is not tolerated and results in a “0” and a call home. **

    ** You may take ANY quiz home; however, chapter tests must be reviewed with me in clinic first and the answer sheet only may be taken home.


    I have read and will follow the guidelines and class expectations.

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