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    Dear Parents and/or Guardians, 

    As the end of the marking period approaches, please be aware that your child’s gradebook, with individual assignment grades, will available for you to view in Canvas.  The Art Department at Council Rock North is embracing the new district Canvas Learning Management System (LMS.)  The district is still testing the gradebook connection between our LMS and Home Access Center (HAC.)  So, for the 1st and 2nd marking periods of this school year, you will be able to view interim and final marking period grades in HAC.  However, you will not see individual assignment grades in HAC.  Again, to view individual assignment grades you will need to login to your Canvas Observer account at https://councilrock.instructure.com/.  Directions on how to access your Canvas Observer account please click PARENT DIRECTIONS.  For information about the Council Rock Canvas LMS adoption, please see the email sent to parents in September at this link https://www.crsd.org/Page/57145.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Mr. Sturner