• Welcome back Holland Middle School!

    We are super excited to for the start of what will be a crazy school year!

    To help alleviate stress and uncertainty, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about this school year. Take a look below!


    How do I reset my CRSD password?

    For security purposes, the directions to reset / change a CRSD password CANNOT be provided here. However, the directions were sent in an email from Dr Susan Elliott on August 31, 2020 and the principals on September 4, 2020. Inside those directions is the current password for all students, which was reset over the summer. Once you locate those directions, follow these steps:

    1. Go to this site and follow the prompts to create a new password. If you are using a CRSD Chromebook, you can also use the Kiosk app on the main screen before logging in.
    2. Create a new password; the new password must be 8 characters in length, and contain the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number and / or a symbol.
    3. Password resets can take up to an hour to take effect.

    This new password will allow students to access Chromebooks, Google accounts (including Gmail), and Canvas.


    Why do I need and how can I create a Chrome profile?

    If you are using a Chromebook (either a CRSD Chromebook or a personal one), you can skip this step; loggin in creates a Chrome profile for you.

    A Chrome profile will help students keep personal and family Google accounts from interfering with CRSD resources and websites. Plus it's just good practice to keep accounts separated! In addition to that, virtual learning may require students to utilize more online resouces and a Chrome profile will help manage usernames and passwords to those sites and resouces.

    Creating a Chrome profile is easy and only takes a minute! To begin, you will need your CR student email address and current password (reset directions are above); a student email address is the student's ID number followed by "@student.crsd.org" (i.e. 123456@student.crsd.org). Then use these resources to help:


    What is Canvas? Where do I go to log in and what is my username and password?

    Canvas is a learning management system, and students will use Canvas much like Google Classroom in the elementary school: students will access course materials, submit assignments and assessments, and communicate with their teachers through Canvas. DO NOT SEARCH FOR CANVAS ON GOOGLE! In order to log into Canvas, students must first be in the correct place! There is a Canvas link on all secondary school webpages; when you get to the CR Canvas login screen, if you do not see the CR logo nor the bright blue background, you are in the wrong location.

    Students will use their ID number (not email address) as the username for Canvas (i.e. 123456, not 123456@student.crsd.org), and their current network password (reset directions are above). Here are some resources to help you get started:

    PLEASE NOTE: most student courses will be hidden until September 8, 2020!


    My schedule is tough to read; can anyone help?

    It is crazy, isn't it? Don't worry: you do not have all of those classes on one day! The middle schools operate on a 2 day schedule this year: A days and B days. On an A day, 7th graders have their Arts (Specials) classes, and 8th graders have Health and PE classes; the opposite is true on B days. Here is a great video on how to decipher your schedule so you know where to be and when.


    Are there any simple blank schedules?

    Of course. Grab this one here for you to fill out digitally.


    I lost my schedule; what should I do?

    Not to worry: you can always get your schedule on the Home Access Center (also known as "HAC").


    When is the first day of school?

    The virtual doors to HMS are open on SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 at 8:05AM!


    Do I need to do anything before we start school?

    Great question! Before the first day, make sure you reset your password, create a Chrome profile, and try logging in to Canvas. All of that information is posted above. Ohh, and charge your device the night before school!


    What should I do on the first day?

    Besides get really excited? On September 8, at 8AM, students should do the following:

    1. Boot up and log in to their machine.
    2. Open their Chrome profile.
    3. Go to the HMS webpage and click on the Canvas link.
    4. Log in to Canvas using the student ID number and current password.
    5. Open their Homeroom Course on the Canvas Dashboard.
    6. Click on the posted Google Meet link and have a blast! NOTE: if you are NOT logged into your CR Chrome profile and Google account, you will not be able to join!


    What do I need for school this year?

    Another great question. In addition to a computer or Chromebook, a supply list (for both grade levels) has also been posted and adjusted for both virtual and hybrid learning modes.


    How do I get my books and materials?

    Pickups were scheduled for the week of September 1, 2020 by grade and team. If you missed pick ups, please contact the Front Office.