• What will lunch look like @ RHE? Are kids eating in classrooms or the cafeteria?

    Lunches will be in the cafeteria. Students will eat at desks with their masks off. Students will order lunch in the AM (if buying) as typical for RHE. Our cafeteria aides and other support staff will monitor the students during this time (while teachers are also eating their lunches). Students will be expected to hand sanitize prior to eating lunch.


    Do families have to pay for meals from the cafeteria?

    Through a waiver program offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, all CR students are eligible to receive a free lunch if they so desire.


    How long will the free lunch program last?

    The federal waiver expires on December 31, 2020, BUT it may end sooner if the government funding expires.


    What happens after the free lunch program ends?

    We will return to the traditional model of lunch service, where students pay for their meals based on approved eligibility status (paid, reduced or free).


    Is all food purchased from the cafeteria free?

    No.  A la carte items (e.g., snacks, ice cream and certain drinks) are NOT included as part of the free meal, and must be paid for the student’s lunch account.  A la carte purchases will be deducted from the account after purchased. 

    To add funds to your child’s account for a la carte purchases, check their account balance or sign up for low balance notifications and auto-replenishment, please visit https://www2.mypaymentsplus.com/welcome


    Does the free meal program apply to all days when CRSD is in session, including hybrid and virtual days?

    Yes.  Students are eligible to receive a free meal whether they are a hybrid or 100% virtual student.


    What food will be available from the cafeteria on hybrid instruction days?

    Many of the same foods you have come to know and love (and perhaps even some new offerings)!  Our kitchen staff will be preparing a “boxed lunch” style meal if you choose to get your meal from the cafeteria.  We can offer both hot and cold meal options, and will even be able to offer a la carte items to supplement their meal (at an additional cost).


    How will meals be served during hybrid instruction days?

    Students will eat in the cafeteria and will enter the cafeteria line and be provided with her/his boxed lunch of their choosing. 

    Does my student need to pre-order their food if they want to receive a meal from the cafeteria?

    Yes.  A pre-ordering process already exists at Holland, and we will utilize a similar process so that students receive the requested meal.  If students wish to purchase a la carte items (e.g., snacks, ice cream and certain drinks), they will need to include their selections on their order form so that our kitchen staff can package it in time for lunch.


    Will the individual desks and tables be cleaned in between lunch periods?

    Yes.  Either CR or Chartwells staff members will wipe down each desk to prepare for the next student’s arrival.


    How will snack work?

    Snack will occur in the classroom with masks off. Teachers will establish classroom procedures for this within their own classrooms. Students will be either handwashing or hand sanitizing prior to eating their snack.

    Please note: This snack time is different than the snack ordered for lunch. This snack is provided from home and separate from lunch.

    What will recess look like?

    Recess will be outside. Students will be encouraged to wear their mask ONLY if they are not 6 feet apart from other children. Recess aides will reinforce and monitor these expectations as best as possible. Having only half of the children in the building at a time, will help with monitoring because our numbers will be much smaller than a typical recess. For most grades we are averaging about 30 students for an entire grade level (per cohort). This is about 1/3 to 1/2 less students (at recess) than a typical year.

    Playground equipment at elementary schools will remain open during the green phase. If the County enters the yellow phase, playgrounds will once again be closed and posted. All playground equipment will be disinfected daily with Virex II-256.

    Recess items like balls & jump ropes, will not be used during this time. This will help to reduce the sharing of items. The recess aides are learning some contactless games for students to play.

    What can I do to help my child keep track of their mask throughout the day?

    We have found that these lanyards work really great. Many of us are parents of children who also have to wear masks throughout the school day. The RHHSA will be having a lanyard sale. Stay tuned for more information.

    What happens if my child has to use the bathroom?

    Students would be allowed to use the bathroom as needed. If 3 students are already in the bathroom, a student would wait until someone leaves before they enter. Teachers will continuously remind and practice this new procedure with students daily.

    We will have signs to remind kids to wash their hands. Additionally, hand washing will be reinforced by each teacher and our nurse will embed a message about hand washing in our daily morning announcements.

    Are bathrooms being cleaned constantly throughout the day?

    Bathrooms and other high traffic areas will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

    How do mask/screen breaks work within the classroom?

    Teachers will handle mask/screen breaks within their classroom and what works for their students. This will not be a one size fits all approach. Most often the younger kids will need more opportunities for breaks until they build up stamina. Teachers will adjust accordingly to the needs of the kids. Mask breaks will simply be at the students' desks.

    Unfortunately, an outdoor mask break won't always be feasible; because this time would also be a “screen break” for those kids working at home. Therefore, the teacher would need to supervise both groups.

    Tips for Mask-Endurance

    As any parent knows, there are many protective things children find uncomfortable or simply don’t want to do. Many children dislike car seats and seatbelts, yet we know car seats and seatbelts save lives. Here are some tips for mask-training:

    1. Start now so that your children can build up comfort wearing a mask for long periods.
    2. Begin in a comfortable setting that is low risk (such as watching a movie or playing a computer/video game inside your home).
    3. Set a timer so that you can see how long your children are able to tolerate the mask. Then, slowly increase their mask time each sitting.
    4. Practice self-soothing behaviors to manage any anxious feelings that might be experienced. It’s normal for kids to feel like they're having trouble breathing when there’s a piece of cloth covering the mouth and nose.
    5. Offer rewards (praise goes a long way!) and continue to provide encouragement.
    6. As children become more comfortable sitting with the mask, try to engage them in conversation. Teach them how to speak louder and articulate their words more clearly so that others can understand them.

    Will classes be held outside to decrease indoor risk of spread?

    Most classes will be indoors. We are unable to hold classes outside because 1/2 of our students will be learning at home. We would not be able to transfer the necessary technology outdoors to stay connected with those students. However, our teachers may take the students outside for a break. This will be a perfect time for our virtual students to take a fresh air break as well.

    Will my child's schedule change from virtual to hybrid?

    Yes. Currently everyone has a 12-1 Lunch/Break across the district. However, when we return to the buildings, we will need to stagger our (in-person) Lunch/Recess schedules. As a result, your child's schedule will be different from their virtual schedule. Your child's teacher will inform you of the new hybrid schedule prior to September 29th.

    Important Notice: On Wednesdays when everyone is home, all students will follow the VIRTUAL schedule.


    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday= Hybrid Schedule for ALL

    Wednesday=Virtual Schedule for ALL

    My child is 100% Virtual, so does that mean s/he follows the Hybrid schedule?

    Yes…Starting on September 29th everyone will follow the hybrid schedule. Your child's homeroom teacher will communicate the new hybrid schedule prior to September 29thHowever, on Wednesdays every one follows the virtual schedule.

    My child is 100% Virtual & I feel like his/her days seem longer during hybrid?

    Sort of. Students will still receive synchronous and asynchronous instruction; however, your child's day may appear longer since dismissal during hybrid is 3:40 PM. Many teachers had Office Hours at the end of the day during 100% Virtual. This will no longer be the case during hybrid. Another Reminder: On Wednesdays everyone goes back to the 100% Virtual Schedule.

    Why does my child need to bring in their district-issued Chromebook every day?

    Since we are providing students with 1:1 Chromebooks, we will no longer have access to these devices if there is a need to use them at school. Typically, students will use devices throughout the day to engage in learning. This may include using applications such as First in Math, Flip Grid for a presentation or using Google Docs to write an essay. Students may also use the devices to access classroom resources in Google Classroom as they work independently. When the students are not using the devices, they will store them in a safe place on or in their desks.

    Important Notice for those using Personal Devices- Students are not required to bring their personal devices to school. However, parents MAY elect to do so until their child receives a district issued Chromebook. Once the additional Chromebooks have been deployed so that every student has one, we will begin to require that students bring their district-issued Chromebook to school every day. In the meantime, students that do not have a device will be provided materials so that s/he can engage in learning (i.e. paper/pencil, etc.).

    To what extent will the in person group be on video for at home viewing? Is the camera going to face the class or will the teacher workstation be set up without students in view?

    The camera will face the teacher or the smart board. It’s rare that the camera will be facing the class. If there’s a need for collaboration with virtual and in-person students, this would be done through an all virtual format…like Google Meet or Zoom.

    Will my child receive homework?

    Homework is considered independent practice of skills/concepts taught. Therefore, homework would be included as part of the asynchronous work students are already doing throughout the day. However, if you feel that your child would benefit from more practice on a skill or enrichment opportunities, please reach out directly to your child's teacher to discuss.

    How will my child fill up their water bottle?

    A sink in the hallway at the former Richboro Middle school will be designated for water bottle fill-ups. When we move back to the renovated RHE, we will have new water bottle filling stations.

    Can I visit or volunteer at RHE this year?

    We value our parents and our volunteers. However, until further notice, only essential visitors will be allowed in the school building. All essential visitors will be required to follow the same safety guidelines as all other school personnel. Parents may access the Main Office Lobby to drop off or pick up an item, but will not be permitted to move beyond that area.

    Are all of the hallways one-way at RHE?

    Some of the halls at school are one way to limit the contact between students and staff members. The one-way protocol will be used in the part of the building where classrooms are located, and there are arrows on the floor to remind children of the direction they should walk. The main hallways, however, can’t be used in this manner, and the students and staff will be required to walk on the right side of the hall. Traffic moving in the opposite direction will be at least six feet apart.

    The concern with the one-way halls is with regard to when there is a need to get to a location quickly – such as a fire drill or bathroom emergency. We will inform the children that the one-way hall will help keep people safe, but it will be permissible to walk the opposite way if there is an urgent situation.


    Can you explain the Specials color rotation?

    To ensure that all students have an opportunity to interact with all of our special area classes/teachers (especially when we go hybrid) the district created this Color Rotation Schedule, based on the rainbow. A rotating schedule allows students to experience all 4 specials at some point within a 5 day color rotation. Your classroom teachers will also remind parents/students which COLOR day it is in Google Classroom and their Website.

    For example: In the past a teacher may have had Art on Mondays; Music on Tuesdays; PE on Wednesdays; Computer on Thursdays; and Library on Fridays. If we didn't rotate this year; than those students in Cohort A would only have Art and Music in-person...and those students in Cohort B would only have Computer and Library. With this schedule, no one would ever have PE in person because Wednesdays are virtual days. A rotating schedule, would allow every cohort to experience all 4 specials at some point within a 5 color rotation. 

    Color Days