• Car Riders - Arrival

    • Students are to be dropped off at school at 8:50 in the car loop around the perimeter of the main parking lot.
    • Students remain in their cars until 8:50. When a staff member comes out to the car rider line, students may begin to enter the school at the front of the building. Our teachers are busy preparing for the day or are in meetings in the mornings. If students are dropped off before 8:50, the students will not have the proper supervision.
    • If students are running late past 9:10, we ask that parents park and walk their child(ren) to be signed in at the office.

    Car Riders Dismissal

    • The students will be dismissed at 3:40.
    • Students come out the front of the building.
    • Parents will travel and line up around the perimeter of the parking lot.
    • We ask that all cars stay in the line for the safety of our students.
    • It is helpful that parents remain in their cars and students enter the car on the passenger side.

    AM Kindergarten Dismissal and PM Kindergarten Arrival

    For those students who are car riders, parents will pick up and drop off students at the main entrance in the designated drop-off area in the drop-off lane. AM Kindergarten walkers will exit and PM Kindergarten walkers will arrive at the main entrance as well.

    Service/Maintenance/Delivery Lot

    In the past, we had parents park in this area. Parents would pick up their children and drive home. Parents and family members are not permitted to park in this lot. Because of our new sidewalk, students and families will be walking directly across the entrance of this service. It will be an unsafe situation for all if parents are trying to exit this lot as students are walking home.