Club Name Description Advisor Email
Aids Awareness The major focus of the club is to promote an awareness of HIV/AIDS among students and our community. Mrs. Losben
ALS This club supports activities and events to further research for a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Mr. Jacoby
American Red Cross Club Red Cross Club is a group that provides you and your peers with opportunities to make a difference by addressing your community's greatest needs and developing leadership skills. Red Cross Clubs empower you with knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare your school and community to respond to emergencies. Ms. Sharp
American Sign Language American Sign Language is a natural language that serves as the predominant sign language of Deaf communities in the United States and most of Anglophone Canada. This club members will become more familiar with ASL and help spread the usage of ASL in the school and community. Ms. Korn
Amnesty International Club Our goals are to campaign for reform, do volunteer work for groups effected by injustice in human rights, and to educate the community about current issues. Ms. Sharp
Animal Rescue Club ARC is the first and only club at Council Rock South dedicated to helping animals in our community. Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the many benefits of adoption as well as promote opportunities for adoption in our community. We offer assistance to any student or local resident interested in learning more about animal adoption or to those wishing to volunteer to help animals. Ms. Sharp
Art Forum Art Forum centers its activities around art and the community. Membership is open to all students who are interested in various aspects of art. Students will collaborate with NAHS (National Art Honor Society) to create and implement service projects for the school and community that infuse art as a center focus. When permitted the club visits art museums, galleries and special exhibits. Mr. Catalano
Artistic Design Artistic design is a student driven club aimed at crafting and cooking . Students meet once per month in room 117. Ms. Jacobs
Asian Heritage Club Asian Heritage Club focuses on spreading diversity and educating the student body at Council Rock South! At AHC, students can learn about the cultures of Asian countries ranging from Pakistan to Japan to Indonesia and all the small islands and territories in between. Monthly meetings include educational presentations as well as fun activities and a chance to try different Asian cuisines as well as special meetings to celebrate big Asian holidays such as Chinese New Year, Eid, and Holi! Ms. Sharp
Athletes Helping Athletes The mission of Athletes Helping Athletes is to connect local special needs athletes with mainstream student-athletes in a spirit of friendship for their mutual benefit and inspiration. A world of greater acceptance for all can begin with our children, sharing athletic experiences and a love for sport while developing compassion and mutual respect is our goal. Mr. Dan Lynch
Autism Awareness In partnership with the Autism Cares Foundation, the Autism Awareness Club strives to help raise money & provide support for members of the special needs community & their families. The Autism Cares Foundation & its corresponding clubs strive to partner with individuals and families living on the autism spectrum to provide integrative resources for life enrichment in a safe & respectful environment. We offer LINCS opportunities and the opportunity to get involved in the Council Rock Community. Ms. Kotlyar
Biology Club Our club’s objectives are to introduce & spark interest in biology, & to provide information about volunteer services and professions in biology through labs and meetings with bio-majors. Mrs. Koul-Gadinski
Black Student Union This club centers around appreciating Black culture and doing social work to improve the lives of Black students here and people in general. Ms. Keegan
Breast Cancer Awareness This club helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment of this disease. Funds are raised by T-Shirt sales and donations during October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and donated to various organizations with the same goal. Ms. Arnold
Buddy Club Best Buddies is a non-profit international organization dedicated to forming friendships between high school students who come from a wide variety of abilities and bring with them individual strengths and challenges. The organization teams up students in the regular education population with students who are educated in various special education programs. It seeks students who can form committed relationships throughout the school year. Ms. Hibbs
Chess Club In this club, students play against each other in chess and learn about various strategies to improve their game play. Students are rated based on wins and losses. The top players compete against other schools in league matches during the year as part of the chess team. Mr. Nauen
Chorale Membership is open to a students (grades 9 - 12) interested in developing individual vocal and choral skills with an emphasis on tone production, breathing, diction, musicality, and music reading proficiency. A variety of suitable literature, ranging from classical to contemporary, will be studied and performed in concert. Mr. Axler
Christian Fellowship Club A student led club sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ that introduces students to new people, provides a place for students to discuss their faith and gives students an opportunity to learn about Jesus. Mr. Lyzinski
Class of 2024, Class of 2025, Class of 2026, Class of 2027 Each class in grades 9 through 12 engages in a wide variety of activities during the year. Class advisors welcome needed help and involvement from students. Many of the activities are coordinated by class committees. Traditionally, all classes engage in Spirit Week and compete for top honors at Blue, White & Gold Night. Each class sponsors several activities each year, dances, class trips, proms, etc. Class of 2024 - Mrs. Reiner & Mrs. Arnold Class of 2025 - Mrs. Mahoney & Mr. Lingman Class of 2026 - Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Deola Class of 2027 - Mrs. Pellecchia & Mrs. Hartman Mrs. Reiner -; Mrs. Arnold -; Mrs. Mahoney -; Mr. Lingman - Mrs. Moore -; Mrs. Deola - Mrs. Pellecchia - Mrs. Hartman -
Computer Science Club The computer science club was established to create an energetic after school opportunity for like-minded programming enthusiasts to organize and experiment with various programming languages, software applications, and basic systems development. New ideas are always encouraged and supported by any member. Mr. Dan Lynch
Concert Band Provides playing and performance opportunities for 9-12 grade band students not participating in the marching program. A wide variety of music literature and styles is involved. Participation is required in a limited number of public performances and selected evening rehearsals. Acceptance in the band is based on (1) individual competence on a band instrument, and (2) registration of concert band as a course on a student’s roster. (New students may join during registration via the director.) Mr. Burns
Debate Team Debate, or forensics, is a highly sophisticated communicative skill, especially useful to students planning to enter professions such as law, teaching, broadcasting, theater, etc. where public speaking is required. CR South’s debate team competes in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Debate League which is comprised of both Bucks and Montgomery County High Schools. There are bi-monthly tournaments from October through March. Ms. Losben
Diplomacy This club will educate students about WWI while promoting decision making skills and strategic thinking. Mrs. Solit
Eastern European Club Students meet and discuss Eastern European culture with respect to movies, food, language, and literature. Mr. Schneider
Education Equals Empowerment (E^3) We strive to encourage elementary school girls to aim for a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields through afterschool workshops. We do STEM-related experiments with 3rd and 4th grade girls. As a high school volunteer, you would help run the activities. LINCs hours are available for volunteers. Ms. Marsden