High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware

    Advisor: Mr. Bauer


    Presidents- Sabrina A. and Demetra K.

    Emails- Sabrinaadler08@Gmail.com and DemetraKohart@gmail.com

    To view the program: http://www.hunchdesign.com/

    After School Projects: 

    No Heat Shield

    Description- to design a Prototype that can fall from the ISS without the use of a heat shield

    Leads- Demetra K., Landon H. 

    Vice Leads- Sabrina A. 



    No heat Shield image of the earth

    Please note this group also runs in the class


    Generic Agriculture 

    Description- to develop a plant growth chamber that can be used on the ISS and elsewhere, that can work for almost any agriculture experiment

    Leads- Sabrina A. Landon H

    Vice Leads- Demetra K.

    contact- Sabrinaadler08@Gmail.com


     Generic agriculture picture

    In class projects


    Supply Pod Mover

    Description- to develop a supply pod tool/transporter that can pick up/retrieve a supply pod to be taken back to the lunar base where it can be unloaded for astronauts on the moon.

    Lead-Noah Necowitz

    contact- Noahscott13@verizon.net

    Lunar Dust Blower and Waffle Baffle

    Description- to modify a snow blower to be used on the moon to blow lunar dust onto inflatable lunar habitats to shield the crews from radiation, and develop a foldable waffle/baffle system for the outside of an inflatable habitat the will prevent the lunar dust deposited from the dust blower from sliding down the sides of the habitat.

    Lead- Dan Krauss