CRN Boys Track & Field

  • Our Organizational Meeting has occurred already

    Please see Coach Rogers

    in Room 281 

    Physical Forms are found here:

    Varsity Coach:

    Dave Marrington -

    Assistant Coaches:

    Rob Rogers -

    Stephen Lee

    Stephan Harnish

    Richard Loughran


    Practice Schedule:

                M-F                            2:45-3:00                 Warm up in “C” Gym or on Track

                                                    3:00-5:00                 Event Specific Work

                                                    4:30-5:15                 Lift (Area Coaches discretion)

                                                    6:00-7:00 am          Optional Lift


                Sat.                             9:00-11:00               Area coaches discretion.

    Lateness is disrespectful and counter-productive.  Be on Time!

    If you can’t make a practice, talk to your area coach.  In most cases, we can come up with an alternative workout that will prevent you from falling too far behind.