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    HOLLAND, BUCKS CO., PA 18966

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    Albert R. Funk, Principal





    September, 2019


    Dear Council Rock High School South Community,


    Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating summer. The staff here at South stand ready to assist you in making this your best academic experience ever!


    Just a friendly reminder regarding after school library hours….

                Monday – our library is open until 3:00 PM

                Tuesday – our library is open until 5:00 PM

                Wednesday – our library is open until 9:00 PM

                Thursday – our library is open until 9:00 PM

                Friday – our library is open until 3:00 PM


    NHS tutoring will be available on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, please see your counselor for additional information.


    Morning Arrival – due to an increase in the number of car drop-offs, it is important that you give yourself ample time to arrive on campus. Having so many folks arrive in a condensed time-frame inevitably leads to delays and “back-ups.” Please leave early and give yourself sufficient time.


    Also, after school buses are up and running every Tuesday and Thursday. The buses pick up students in the front of the building at 4:15 PM.


    I would also like to mention that on Friday, September 20th we will be having an Activities Fair during our lunch periods and on Friday, September 27th we will be having a Senior Class Trip Assembly in the Auditorium at 8:45 AM.


    First period interim reports will be available online on Friday, October 4th.


    Wishing you all the best.





    Albert R. Funk