• CR South Men's Bowling Team


    2019/2020 Bowling Team Tryouts

    -Preseason team meeting- TBD 

    -Winter Sports Season officially starts Monday November 18th. The schedule for team tryouts will be updated as we get closer to the Winter Sports Season. All players must take the team bus to tryouts. 

    Winter Concussion Education and ImPACT testing will be held in on a date to later be announced for this coming winter sports season.  Athletes report to the cafeteria for a prompt 3:00pm start timeImPACT testing will follow immediately in the computer labs.  This process should be no more than an hour and a half. 

    THIS IS FOR WINTER SPORTS ONLY…..WE DO NOT DO ICE HOCKEY in the event you are asked.

    The Concussion Education is  MANDATORY for ALL WINTER ATHLETES REGARDLESS OF SPORT. In the past, only contact sports were included.  Beginning with the Fall 2016, ALL ATHLETES must attend.  Computer based Impact Testing will be mandatory for WRESTLING, M/W BASKETBALL, CHEERLEADING, DIVING, POLE VAULTERS, HURDLERS and JUMPERS.  Bowling, Swimming, and Runners do not have to take the ImPACT Test, but we do allow for them to take it if desired. Also, ALL WINTER COACHES ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND and stay through the entire education and testing process. This is a requirement!

    This is NOT OPTIONAL and you must attend if you want to tryout and participate on the bowling team.  If a student athlete cannot make the assigned time, please come and see Scott Lisher, the athletic trainer, prior to the date of the session for alternative options. Only students who have completed this for a fall sport do not have to attend, as they have already completed this requirement.

    Parents are more than welcome and encouraged to attend if available.

    Again, all Winter athletes trying out/participating must attend.  This is something that is required each school year, so even though they already completed it this year, this will be for the 2018-2019 school year.  

    Again, the date is will later be announced, 2019 at 3:00pm in the CR South Cafeteria.

    Team tryouts will begin: TBD. All participants must take the bowling bus at 2:30pm to tryouts. Physical forms must be filled out and submitted electronically to the Athletic Department by Sunday November 3rd. If you do not have your physical forms and/or have not attended the Winter Concussion education session, you cannot tryout or even attend the tryouts.
    Head Coach: Matt Hollingsworth
    Email: MHollingsworth@CRSD.org
     For students interested in participating in sports at Council Rock South in the 2017-2018 school year.  We are now using ATS, the on-line software program that allows students, parents, and coaches to log in check on the athletes file.  Beginning with the Winter 2017-2018 school year physical packets will only be accepted on-line, EXCEPT the physician page. 

    First time users can find a YouTube tutorial here https://youtu.be/sowgnUv-LuY

    You should have recieved an email from Scott Lisher including your username and password. Once you have your username and password, please click on the following link to login: http://crsd2.atsusers.com

    For security reasons, all passwords were reset at the end of this sports season.  There is no longer one generic password for parents.  The GENERAL tab is for information about the STUDENT ATHLETE.  The emergency tab is where the parent information should be.  ****PLEASE NOTE**** We have tied the ATS system to the information that is in the HAC system.  The information will be updated nightly.  If you see information that is incorrect or out of date in ATS, DO NOT attempt to correct it in the ATS system, it will be overwritten during the update.  To correct information please log in to the HAC system (https://hac.crsd.org/HomeAccess) and make updates there or contact Central Registration (Registration@crsd.org) to make updates.

    This system allows the student to log in and request an evaluation appointment for an injury, or simply to report that they were injured.  This information will allow me to get in touch with them about these things.

    Please have your student login and look around the system.  Their username is their student ID number, password is CRS_1.  Once they are in the system they can change their password. 

    To fill out the physical packet click on the “Forms” tab.  There are 5 forms that need to be completed and submitted.

    Appendix 1






    Under the “eFiles” tab you will find PIAA Section 6.  Please print it out and take it to your physician.  If you have a scanner, you may upload the signed page directly into the athlete record. 

     ***Please note: many physicians wish to review Section 5 “Health History”, you should print a copy after you complete it to give to your physician at the physical.  Als,o once you upload the form it will show up on the uploaded, list but will not show as checked off under paperwork until myself or an athletic department representative visually verifies the page.***

    Winter 2019-2020 Important Dates:

     - The date for the Mandatory Concussion Education and ImPACT Testing will later be announced.

    - The first day of tryouts is still TBD.

    *All physicals must be turned in on or before Sunday November 3rd

    If you have any problems please contact me at slisher@crsd.org or 215-944-1185.

    Thank you!


    Congratulations to the 2019 CR South Suburban One League Championship medalists!!

    Noah Caldani-   2nd place SOL Championship- scratch series

    Congratulations to the 2018 CR South Suburban One League Championship medalists!!

    Zach Taub- 2nd place SOL Championship- scratch series
    Josh Caldani- 3rd place SOL Championship- scratch series
    Simon Asadoorian- 11th place PA State Bowling Championship

    Congratulations to the 2017 CR South Suburban One League Championship medalists!!

    Noah Caldani- handicap series

    Eric Stengel- handicap series 

    Simon Asadoorian- handicap series 

    Mason Asadoorian- handicap series


    Congratulations to the 2016 CR South Suburban One League Championship medalists!!  

    John Savoca- 3rd place handicap series
    Andy Witten- 2nd place scratch series
    Dane Gilmer- 1st place handicap series