• CR South Women's Soccer 

    Pre-season tryouts begin on Monday August 15th   *Attendance is mandatory! Please see the tryout information page for more detailed information. 
    NO PLAYER CAN TRY OUT WITHOUT ALL PAPERWORK COMPLETED!!   Please read below. This information was also emailed to the guardian email listed in HAC, sent by Scott Lisher

    Please read this sheet and follow the directions carefully.  It is important that you take this testing seriously as it may affect your return to play status if you sustain a concussion.  Please take the test quietly with no comments about the testing.  If you have a question please raise your hand and wait for a proctor to come to you, DO NOT yell out.  If a proctor has to remind you to be quiet more than once you will be asked to leave the testing area and will not be allowed to participate in athletics until you schedule a time to take the test again.  

    1. Open web browser. (Firefox or Chrome preferred)  
    2. In the address bar enter www.impacttestonline.com/testing 
    3. On the bottom pull down the menu and select Pennsylvania and select “Launch Baseline Test” 
    4. Enter the following code: ____8B0E31FF12______________                  
    5. When you enter your name into the system type it with your first and last name capitalized.  If this is not your first time taking the test please try to type in your name as you have in the past. 
    6. When you get to the page that asks about your secondary language only enter a language that you speak at home frequently.  Classes you are taking in a foreign language do not count. 
    7. Years of education are as follows: 
    8. Senior=11 
    9. Junior=10 
    10. Sophomore=9 
    11. Freshman=8 
    12. 8th Grade=7 
    13. 7th Grade=6 
    14. The current position question means what position on your team do you play? If you play multiple positions or are not sure it is OK to leave it blank. 
    15. Number of times diagnosed with a concussion: This means times you have seen a doctor or been told by another medical professional (athletic trainer, nurse) that you have a concussion. 
    16. STOP at this screen until the proctor tells you that you may start.  → 
    17. Again if you have questions about words on the test raise your hand and a proctor will come assist you, DO NOT disturb the people around you! 

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to read AND UNDERSTAND the directions for each section