• Council Rock Softball 2023

    The Council Rock South Softball Program is a 10-month program that consists of skills, conditioning, fundraising, and team cohesion. Our ten-month program is divided by off-season, pre-season, in-season and postseason. 

    OFF Season-September 1st until Christmas Break

    PRE Season-Beginning at the start of the new year and concluding at the beginning of the in-season.

    IN-Season- 70 Day Sequence beginning in early March and concluding the third week in May.

    POST-Season- Beginning the fourth week of May and concluding in mid-June. This is also the time of our annual team banquet.

    Mid-June, July, and August is our time away from the program.



    Head Coach- Coach Schram-267-229-2864



    Scott Keshanech- Head Assistant to the program

    Taylor Septer- Junior Varsity Head Coach

    Lauren Galasso- Assistant to the Program

    Melanie Wilkinson- Assistant to the program