Le Club de Français
    (French Club)
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    Le Club de Français meets once a month in Room 109.
    Le Club explores the various aspects of French and Francophone culture.
    Students must have a genuine love of the French language and culture to be a member of the club.
    Les Activités
    • Cultural celebrations: Noel, la Fête des Rois, Mardi Gras
    • Culinary traditions: les croissants, les crêpes, les fromages, les petits fours
    • Fall Festival participation and fund raisers
    • Short trips, films, current events discussions 
    • Guest visitors and authentic contacts in the world
    • Continuing advocacy and support for French in the community at large
    • End of the year World Language Cup (a soccer Tournament with the German, Latin and Spanish Clubs) 
    Vous êtes cordialement invités à joindre
    le Club de Français!
    (You are cordially invited to join the French Club!)

     Advisor-Madame Koutsouros

    World Language Department
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