• French Honor Society

    La Société Honoraire du Français
    After two years of French study, students who have maintained an A average in Honors French or a B+ average in Regular French will be invited to become a member of the French Honor Society / La Société Honoraire du Français.
    Students accepted in the French Honor Society must maintain these grade averages.
    They must attend the FHS monthly meetings, fulfill a personal service requirement, pay society dues and continue to be enrolled in French courses.
    FHS is a service organization. Projects and fund raisers are completed every year.
    Special activities are available for members of the FHS and may include trips, guest speakers, concerts and other French culture-related events.
    Students in the French Honor Society advocate for the French language.
    College-level study of French is encouraged as is participation in a "voyage" abroad. 
    The induction ceremony into La Société Honoraire du Français usually occurs during the month of April, every school year. Inductees, their parents and families are welcomed to attend the ceremony held in their honor in the early evening. 
    Location and date will be announced in the Spring.
    La gloire aux vainqueurs
    Advisor-Madame Koutsouros
    World Language Department