• Latin Club  

    Welcome to Latin Club! This club is open to ALL students in grades 9-12, regardless of his or her studied language. In Latin club, we do a variety of activities, all of which explore and celebrate Roman culture.


    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Parfitt at eparfitt@crsd.org



    2018-2019 Meetings

    The Latin Club meets once a month. They occur after school at 2:30 in the cafeteria. These meetings tend to last no more than 30 minutes. Attendance is not mandatory; as long as you are a paid member, you are considered to be in the Latin Club!! This year's meeting dates are as follow:

    September 25th 

    October 23rd

    November 13th 

    December 18th 

    February 12th

    March 14th 

    May TBD

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    2018-2019 Activities

    As well as having regualr meetings, Latin Club embarks on 3 special activities. These activities require a permission slip and an additional fee (see Events). This year's activities include:


    TNT Amusements: January 23rd 

    Philadelphia Zoo: April 7th 

    Latin Field Day: June 4th

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    NOTE: this copy does NOT have the updated activity dates!