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    Council Rock South National Honor Society:
    The National Honor Society is a student group that honors academic excellence and integrity, as well as personal involvement in activities of the school and community. It is based on the four principles of leadership, service, scholarship and character. Each spring, talented members of our rising senior class are invited to petition for membership in this society. 
    The scholastic criteria are as follows:
    By the end of the sophomore year, the student must obtain a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.95 or greater. During 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, the student must have enrolled in at least one honors or AP level course. In addition, a student must have completed a minimum of 45 LINCS hours by January 1 of the junior year. Hours must be registered with the LINCS office within one week of the reopening of school after winter break. (The Spring application can be found here.)*If a student has been invited to apply but does not satisfy the LINCS requirement, they may apply in the Fall of their senior year (see below).
    A  smaller induction ceremony is also offered during the fall for invited senior class members. In order to petition for membership, students must qualify by having a 3.95 or better cumulative GPA at the end of junior year, and having 50 LINCS hours registered in the LINCS office within one week of school opening. (The Fall application can be found here.)
    Thereafter, students must complete a petition that will be reviewed.  In addition faculty will be polled to attest to the applicant's character and integrity.  An incident involving dishonesty, lack of cooperation, defiance, or suspension from school may result in the student being denied acceptance to National Honor Society.  Those with acceptable petitions who pass the faculty screening will be invited to join the National Honor Society. The organization is both school and community service-oriented. Members offer a formal tutorial service to Council Rock middle level and high school students.  They act as guides on Back –to- School Night and New Student Orientation.  A major community service project is undertaken each year.