• "Connections"
    CRHS South's Mentoring Homeroom
    The goal of the "Connections" homeroom is to target students who have the potential to excel academically, socially, and emotionally, and provide them with the support of positive staff mentors and students.  Our homeroom will consist of students (grades 9-11) and will be run by two trained mentor teachers in addition to the Principal of Special Services. 
    These teachers will use the homeroom time to help students build positive connections within the school, adjust and excel academically (assisting with school assignments, etc.), and provide strategies for overall success at the High School.  Our goal will also be for the students in this homeroom to become a team and lean on each other for support and growth. 
    Research and experience shows that creating healthy relationships with staff members and student peers makes the transition through the high school years easier and that the overall high school experience will be maximized! 


    We look forward to making "Connections" with our Golden Hawk students and staff!