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    ABC News: ABC News is straight from the source at ABC Broadcasting. One of the best places for news on the web.
    Courier Times: All of the local news that is affecting our area can be seen right at the Courier Times' web site.
    CBS News: CBS News is another great news source with all of their TV programming lineups as well. Fast and accurate news.
    CNN News: CNN is arguably considered to be the best news on TV and the site is probably the best on the web when it comes to news.
    The New York Times: The New York Times is an excellent source for all things happening in the world.
    MSN NBC: All of the news from NBC is posted right on their web site daily. This is a recommended link for current even
    Newspapers.Com: A database of U.S. and International newspapers.
    Patch Northampton Patch: Local news, community, sports, shopping, restaurants, things.
    PBS: The PBS web site offers news and information on things that you will can't find anywhere else on the web.
    Philadelphia Inquirer: The Philadelphia Inquirer is our hub of information for everything that is happening in the Philadelphia area.
    United States Newspapers on 50States.Com: Links to over 3,300 United States newspapers.
    USA Today: Probably the best news source there is on the web, USA Today features up to date articles and events almost as soon as they happen.
    Wall Street Journal: From stocks and investments to the latest news on what's going on in the world, the Wall Street Journal is there to help.

    The Washington Post: The Washington Post is one of the best news sites on the web. It's worth a look for current events.

    *All news outlet logos are owned by the news outlets.