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    Links to the fastest and best search tools

    About.com: About.com is loaded with directories and many more search tools to help you along the way. This site is worth a look.
    Alta Vista: Alta Vista is one of the best and fastest search engines on the web. You will usually find what you are looking for.
    Ditto: The Ditto search engine is for pictures and products on the web. Just type in a product name and a picture will be found.
    Exite: The Exite search engine offers a "precision search" to help lower the amount of irrelevant links you get.

    Google: Google is fast and accurate. It gives you access to many pages on the web.

    Librarians' Internet Index: LII is a great source for information about academic topics and more. This a highly recommended site.
    Lycos: Lycos is an easy-to-use search tool that helps you find exactly what
    you're looking for. Find websites, people, businesses, music, pictures, and more.
    Metacrawler: Metacrawler is a powerful search tool. Find websites, images, audio, video and more.
    MSN: The Microsoft Network search engine is a fairly good searching tool.
    Search.com: A good search engine especially if you are looking for specific software and downloads on the web.
    Vivisimo: Vivisimo is a meta-search engine that clusters your results.
    Web Crawler: Web Crawler is a meta-search engine that has a very large search base. This is a recommended search engine.
    Yahoo: Yahoo is one of the oldest sites around, and because of that it has become one of the best. It includes directories and a big search base.