• Mrs. Monica Gardner
    Elementary Mathematics Specialist
    Hillcrest Elementary School
    Holland Elementary School

       Bridges Math Glencoe Math
      https://www.mathlearningcenter.org/families/bridges2  http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com



    All students in grade K to grade 6 are invited to participate in the Math Challenge at Hillcrest Elementary. The program is completely FREE and no sign-up is necessary. This is a great opportunity for families to be involved and enjoy math through fun and engaging math problems. We encourage parents and siblings to get involved in discussing and solving the problems. Please submit your solutions to each Math Challenge by the due date.

    How to Participate

    1. Print out the current Math Challenge. Neatly write your name, grade and teacher at the top.
    2. Solve as many problems as you can. Be sure to pay attention to the minimum number of problems required for your grade. Remember to ask for help if you need it!
    3. Submit your solutions by the due date (Friday by 3:00pm) in the folder for your grade outside Mrs. Gardner’s classroom (C-4).
    4. Check online to see the answers.  

    Mrs. Gardner will keep track of your submissions.  Prizes will be given out throughout the year for those who regularly participate!