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    Name: Jeff Warmkessel
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    Welcome to Mr. Warmkessel's science class webpage.
    Students can always come for extra help on clinic days (Tue and Thur from 2:15 until 3pm).
    Students can usually come on Mondays and Wednesdays during the same times, but please check for availability first.
    If both of those options are impossible, please see me to work out a mutually convenient time.
    2018-2019 Schedule
    Period 1         Prep
    Period 2         Forensic Science
    Period 3         Forensic Science
    Period 4/5      AP Biology
    Period 7/8      AP Biology
    Period 9         Forensic Science



    Assessment Practices


    Council Rock School District recognizes the need for regular student assessment.  Assessment can take many forms: class work, homework, reports, projects, student writing, student performance, quizzes, teacher developed tests, department/district tests, mid-term and final exams, and standardized tests.

    Teachers will provide the opportunity to review assessments in a classroom setting. With the exception of District Assessments, students have the option of taking assessments home. In lieu of taking an assessment home, students may leave the assessment with the teacher for future use/reference.  

    District Assessments are defined as summative assessments that are collaboratively created and administered across schools. District Assessments are available for review at parent request.  These are the current District Assessments administered to students: mid-terms, finals, quarterlies/unit tests and elementary pre and post assessments. 

    At the secondary level, the Home Access Center will indicate with an asterisk those District Assessments that will not go home. 

    Teachers should address assessment practice through the course syllabus and/or at Back to School Night.