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    2016-2017 School Year Courses(homework page is updated for supplies!):
    AP Computer Science                           AP Calculus A/B                       
    AP Calculus B/C Geometry
    Quick Info:
    Experience-23 years of Teaching Math, I've taught almost every math course. You will learn a lot.

    Clinic is held approaching infinity times per year-Tuesday, Thursday and at least one other day every week, the entire school year. Clinic time is 2:15-3 p.m.

    I update HAC frequently and HAC is also updated after each test or quiz.
    This means there is a grade update dozens of times per marking period 
    Homework grades on the home access center are only for assignments checked, not all assignments are checked for credit.  Homework is not always posted on the website.
    Club Info Links are along the side
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