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    Marissa Fuss      
    Chemistry Teacher       
    AP Environmental Teacher    

    Important Dates

    2018-2019 Marking Period and Report Card Dates
    10/9 1st MP Interim Reports
    11/12 - End of 1st Marking Period
          11/26- Report Cards Distributed      
          12/18- 2nd MP Interim Reports       
          1/29- End of 2nd Marking Period    
           2/12- Report Cards Distributed        
           3/5- 3rd MP Interim Reports         
           4/4- End of 3rd Marking Period      
           4/16- Report Cards Distributed       
            5/14- 4th MP Interim Reports           

    Contact Information

                 Parents can best contact me through email

    Clinic Hours

                Tuesday and Thursday 2:15 - 2:55 rm. A-33