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    and a new, interactive site to house our Board policies. As old policies
    are reviewed and new ones approved, they will be moved to the new site.
    From now on Board Policies that fall under these categories 100 through 600
    can all be found on our new site here at BoardDocs.


    The Administrative Regulations developed by the school administration to implement these Board Policies can be found on the Resources page to the CR Website at this LINK.

    700 PROPERTY

    701 Facilities Planning
    701.1 Naming School District Facilities
    702 Gifts, Grants, Donations
    703 Sanitary Management
    704 Maintenance
    705 Safety
    706 Property Records
    706.1  Disposal Of District Property
    707 Use Of School Facilities
    708 Lending School Owned Equipment And Books
    709 Building Security
    710 Use Of Facilities By Staff
    713 Vandalism
    715 Use Of FAX Machines
    716 Energy Management


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    800 Records Management 

    803 School Calendar
    804 School Day
    805 Emergency Evacuation Of Schools

    806 Child/Student Abuse
    807 Opening Exercises
    808 Food Services
    810 Transportation
    810.1 Transportation Personnel – Drug And Alcohol Testing
    811 Bonding
    812 Property Insurance
    813 Other Insurance
    814 Copyright Material
    815 Acceptable Use Of Computers, Computer Facilities, And Computer Resources
    816 Use Of Video Surveillance Cameras
    818 Contracted Services

    819 Youth Suicide Awareness, Prevention, and Response

    820 Fees and Charges

    821 Suicide (see Policy 819)

    822 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    827  Conflict of Interest

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    901 Public Relations Objectives
    902 Publications Program
    903 Public Participation In Board Meetings
    904.1 Smoking
    906 Public Complaints
    907Access To School Buildings And Grounds
    908 Relations With Parents
    909 Municipal Government Relations
    910 Community Relations
    911 News Media Relations
    912 Relations With Educational Institutions
    913 Relations With Special Interest Groups
    914 Relations With Intermediate Unit
    915 Educational Channel Access

    915.1 Underwriting
    917 Parent/Family Involvement
    918  Title I Parental Involvement
    919 District/School Report Cards

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