• Council Rock School District
    Our Community in Photos and Text
    The history of education in our community reaches back to the latter portions of the 17th century.
    The name Council Rock was chosen in a contest held in 1946 when the Boards of Education of the five municipalities decided to form the first secondary jointure in Buck County.
    "---from the one room schoolhouse we progressed in one hundred years to Richboro High School and Newtown High School.  In 1946 our own Dominic Sagolla, serving as principal of Newtown High School, headed a contest to name the district which was growing from an agricultural area into suburban towns.  The winner was Hannah Bradley, a student at Newtown, who won a $25 war bond for her winning "Council Rock."  She was inspired by her grandfather's authentic story of the Lenape Indians holding council or meetings around a very large rock located on the present Community College campus."
    At the site of the present day Bucks County Community College, following a path that leads from the rear of Tyler Hall, you can travel back in history and find the actual "Council Rock" that is referred to by the legend.
    Attached is a brief history of education in our area as well as photos of several of the original one-room and local schoolhouses that once dotted the community.  Included are several photos of buildings in the Council Rock School District that were taken in the 1960's. If anyone has older photos from the area and you would like to share them, please contact the webmaster at Richboro Middle School.  I can scan them and we can add to our historcial collection.