• Mr. Loughran

    American History
    Hi Folks,

    I hope everyone is well.

    All my work will be posted on Canvas.  It will be on that platform that I not only review the general expectations and agenda for the coming week, but discuss the specific process for us to follow in social studies on a daily basis.

    As is always the case, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

    Mr. Loughran

    Directions for accessing Social Studies through Canvas

    Prior to September 8th

    STEP 1: (FOR STUDENTS USING A PERSONAL DEVICE ONLY) Create a Google Chrome Profile using the student’s existing CRSD account (eSchoolID@student.crsd.org).

    STEP 2: Reset Your CRSD Password

    On the First Day of School – September 8th

    STEP 3: Login to the Council Rock Canvas Site. Students must use this site to access their classes. (https://councilrock.instructure.com/login/canvas)

    Chrome is the preferred browser to access Canvas. Do not use Internet Explorer.

    Bookmark this link as a favorite for future reference.

    Use the Student ID as the username and newly reset password from STEP 2 to login to Canvas.

    image of cancas

    STEP 4: Once in Canvas, students will see a personal dashboard showing classes.

     image of dashboard

    STEP 5: Accept the course invitations. Be sure to accept the invitations for all of the courses.

    image of comp science     

    STEP 6: When time for social studies has arrived, students should select that class in Canvas. Then click the Google Meet image on the “Home” screen to join the live class session.