• What is the HMS List Server?

    A system that handles subscription requests and allows members of the Holland Middle School community to receive email messages with information from the school.


    What kind of information will be communicated through the list server?

    This ranges from details about upcoming activities to recent items posted on the E-Friday folder. This is a one-way list, and recipients will not be able to reply or send messages to the list.


    How do I join the list?

    It's easy! Just send an email to hms-join@listserv.crsd.org. After that, you will receive a confirmation email, and you must hit Reply to that email and send the message. This confirms that your subscription is successfully in place and that you will receive any emails sent out to the entire list.


    If I decide to unsubscribe to the list, what do I do?

    Send an email to hms-leave@listserv.crsd.org. You will receive a confirmation email, and then your email address will be removed from the list.


    Why should I join?

    Communication through email is so easy, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Once you are a member of the list, you will receive important and valuable information that is relevant to the HMS community.


    How do I join the district List Server?

    Click here.