• Council Rock School District

    Music Department


    Dear Parents/Guardians:

                We are fortunate to have a Smart Board in the instrumental music classroom; therefore, we will be implementing the software-based computer program SmartMusic in conjunction with your child’s lesson book and concert music.  This program is interactive, allowing students to practice exercises, solos, and method book assignments, while also letting students record as they play, and view what they played correctly and incorrectly.  The program includes over 30,000 exercises, method books, concert band and orchestra pieces, jazz exercises, classical accompaniments, a metronome, and tuner.


                How does SmartMusic benefit your child?  Individual practice can be enhanced as the music is taken out of its intended context.  SmartMusic provides professional accompaniment, making practice engaging, productive and fun.  SmartMusic will help with tonal accuracy, rhythm, and technique.  Students tend to practice longer and more effectively because of built-in assessment features.  Immediate feedback allows students to strive for improvement setting higher goals.

                What is needed to use SmartMusic?  SmartMusic works on your PC, Mac and even on your iPad.   It requires an internet connection to activate your subscription.  System requirements and support contacts are listed at www.smartmusic.com/support.  


    What does this cost?  You can purchase a full year subscription for $40.00 per year.  If you need a microphone, they cost $29.95.  Please check the website for purchasing details (www.smartmusic.com).

    Musically yours,

    Mrs. Deborah Grant