Community Aquatics Program

    Children’s Swimming Lessons Information


    Fall Children’s Swimming Lessons
    Saturday from Mid-September to November

    7x 40-minute lessons


    Saturday from March to May

    8x 40-minute lessons

    Times starting at 9am


    Weekdays Monday to Thursday

    8x 40-minute lessons

    Afternoons at 4:15 and 5:00pm


    Summer Children’s Swimming Lessons
    Weekdays Monday to Thursday starting after school ends in June

    8x 40-minute lessons

    Four days a week for two weeks

    Starting at 10am



    Skill Levels


    Ages Two & Three

    TINY TOTS: Offered on Saturday mornings during the Fall and Spring sessions and during the mid-morning during the summer session, the Tiny Tots group is focused on children age two and three years old.  Children must be accompanied by an adult or responsible individual to be eligible for this class.  The focus of this class is floating, water acclamation, and gaining confidence around the water.

    Age Four

    4 year old class: Offered on Saturday mornings during the fall and spring sessions and in the mid- morning during the summer session.  This group will work on the novice skills in a group specifically focused on the 4 year old age group.

    Novice Program Age 5 & Up

    The beginner or novice program is broken into four classes.  On the first class meeting students that enroll in the Novice class will be screened to determine what class is appropriate for their current ability level.  If students have been enrolled in classes at Council Rock before, please bring your report card from the previous session. 


    TADPOLES: The primary skills in the Tadpoles class include breath control, floating, kicking, and jumping into the pool.

     Skills Test: Jump into the water, surface on your back, and kick to the wall unassisted to move onto the Dolphins I class.


    DOLPHINS I: The primary skill in the Dolphins I class is Front Crawl (Freestyle) arm stroke and kick.  Other skills such as treading water are included in this level.


    Skills Test: Students must swim Front Crawl with correct armstroke ½ way across the width, then fin/ scull the remainder of the distance unassisted to move onto the Dolphins II class.


    DOLPHINS II: The primary skill in the Dolphins II class is the mastery of the Front Crawl (Freestyle) arms, kick, and breathing.  Students will also begin to learn backstroke armstroke, and continue to develop more endurance with treading water and other survival skills.


    Skills Test: Students must swim Front Crawl with correct breathing and armstroke across the width of the pool.


    SHARKS: The primary skills in the Sharks class include building endurance of front crawl and backstroke for swimming the length of the pool (25 yards), and beginning diving.


    Skills Test: Students must dive into the pool and swim Front Crawl with correct breathing and armstroke the length of the pool (25 yards).

    Advanced Program

    The student in the advanced program will focus on refining the front crawl stroke efficiency and endurance to a competitive level.  This program will be geared toward the individuals that are registered.





    FAQ Children’s Swimming Lessons Program

    Q: Can my child use a life vest or water wings during the swim lesson class?

    A: No.  A floatation device will hinder the child’s ability to learn basic swimming skills. 


    Q: What is the student to instructor ratio?

    A: 5 students for 1 instructor.


    Q: What is the background of the children's swim lesson instructors?

    A: They are high school, college students, and adults that have a background in swimming (mostly from the varsity swim teams at CR-North and CR-South).


    Q: What type of training do they receive to teach the swim lessons?

    A: We do in-service training prior to the beginning of swimming lessons sessions.


    Q: Does Council Rock offer private swim lessons?

    A: During the summer, we offer private swimming lessons during our community swimming time.


    Q: Can I watch my child during the swim lessons?

    A: Yes… parents are permitted to watch swimming lessons from the pool balcony.


    Q: My child is not potty trained.  Can they go into the swimming pool?

    A: All children that are not potty trained must wear rubber pants over their diapers when going swimming.  If the child is experiencing diarrhea they are not permitted to swim.