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    School Spirit Day on 11/01 - wear school colors
    (blue and gold)!
    No school on 11/6 & 11/7!
    Wear red, white, and blue on 11/09 in honor
    of Veteran's Day!
    Early dismissal 11/19 & 11/20!
    No school 11/21, 22, 23!
    Envision Math
    Topic 4, Understanding Subtraction
    How can you help your child with his/her math skills?
    Practice adding by using manipulatives (Legos, dry pasta, Barbie shoes, dry kidney beans). Roll a die, write that number down, show that number with the manipulatives, roll the die again and repeat. Then add the numbers together. To make it more challenging, add three numbers instead of two.
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    Journeys Lesson 4
    How Animals Communicate

    Main idea and details
    Infer and predict
    Short /e/ sound

    Consonants /y/, /w/, /k/, /v/ and /j/, and phongram -et

    Subject and predicate


    How can I help my child in Language Arts?
    Read each night from the book bag that is sent home, and talk about the story content. Make connections from the book to real life. Read any chance you get - in the grocery store, street signs, in your pantry. Hang the words to know and spelling words around the house so that they're always available to read, put the closed captioning on the television so they are seeing what the characters are saying.
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    Science/Social Studies
    We will begin a science unit on Balance and Motion in early November!
    Applying the school rules to different parts of the day
    A Bug and a Wish

    Understanding different feelings

    Recognizing other people's feelings

    How to make a new friend
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    Draw and label

    Write about us
    Writing captions
    Writing to describe
    Halloween writing
    Writing sentences using a capital letter, naming and action part, and using an endmark
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