We'll use our text People and Communities, Harcourt 2005 to help us explore the 

    Five Essential Learning Questions:
    1.  How does geography impact the life of a people?
    • learn to read a map using a compass rose, key, scale, and title
    • identify the physical characteristics of places, like deserts and plains
    • discuss our own culture by looking at holidays, monuments, myths, customs, and legends
    • identify types of settlements such as cities and suburbs
    • develop respect for our environment and learn about natural resources
    Enjoy these interactive United States Puzzles

    2.  How does history influence people?
    • discuss change over time by creating and reading timelines
    • look at artifacts and connect to literature
    • learn from past experience things such as sharing and recycling
    • identify facts, folklore and fiction
    • identify and describe primary documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the people who helped to form them

    3.  How do people support a community?
    We'll learn many of these concepts through our Market Day experiences
    • Discuss making an economic decision, creating budgets
    • learn the consequences and benefits of our choices
    • discuss taxes, their importance and who pays them
    • learn about specialization and interdependence
    • discuss trade and money
    • identify occupations and discuss why people work
    • learn about profit and loss
    • discuss supply and demand
    • identify producers and consumers

    4.  What does citizenship mean?
    • learn how government works and the three branches
    • discuss the reasons for rules and laws
    • provide examples of rights and responsibilities of citizens
    • learn about compromise and consequences of our choices
    • discuss the importance of our leaders in the school, community, state, and national levels
    • learn how we can have our voices heard in government

    Spend the day as a president

    5.  What are the lessons that can be learned from current events?
    We'll learn many of these and other important concepts through our use of KidBiz
    • discuss the importance of respect for the opinions of others in discussions of the similarities and differences between people
    • use maps data and graphs to understand current events
    • identify the difference between fact and opinion
    • learn the importance of media in society