Short Film Proposal Requirements: 1 to 2 paragraphs fleshing out/developing your chosen short film idea.  This idea should have a beginning, middle, and end.  Add another 1 to 2 paragraphs with the following information: Where will you film (location(s))? Who is/are your actors?  What equipment will you need?  When will you be filming?  What potential problems/issues do you foresee?  
    Scene Recreation Proposal Requirements: What movie? What scene? (Describe the scene).  Who will your actors be? Where will your scene take place?  What equipment will you need?  What issues do you anticipate?  How will you deal with these issues? When will you be shooting?  
    Documentary/Mockumentary 3 ideas: List and describe 3 potential ideas for this assignment that you'll pitch to the class.  What is the subject/topic of your idea?  Who will you interview?  What b-roll footage will you obtain? When and where will you shoot?  What equipment is needed? What potential issues do you forsee?


     Short Film Proposal Guidelines:
    In a minimum half-page, two paragraphs, please provide a detailed synopsis of your chosen short film idea.  Please also include: where the film will be shot (locations), how long it will take to obtain the footage (days/weeks), when you'll film (days/months), how many actors/actresses you'll need, what equipment you might need, what potential problems you may run in to, any permissions you may require (permits, etc.), and anything that I (Mr. Battiste) can help you with.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask via email or during class. 
    Short Film Treatment requirements:
    Length: 1-2 pages, single spaced
    Content:  All of the action in your story (no dialogue).  Tell/Write your story scene by scene from the beginning to the end.   You can separate into mini-paragraphs if you wish.  Don't leave out any pertinent details that will have the reader asking questions like, "How did the character get from one location to the next," or "What happened after the main character saw the antagonist," etc.  Be very specific as this will help you script your film (next stage in pre-production).  You should also include a paragraph detailing which people you'll be using as actors, what props you'll need, what equipment you'll need, locations you'll be shooting at and if you'll need permission to shoot at that location, possible obstacles that could deter you from filming, and how I can help or aid your production.

    Resource Links, Forms, and Websites:
     Link to FREE 'useful' filmmaking programs (Scripting, editing and graphics, audio, animation, etc.): CLICK HERE
     Storyboarding Resources:
    Scripting Resources:
    www.celtx.com/download.html (Pre-production resources)
    www.scriptbuddy.com (Screenplay/Script formatting)

    http://www.finaldraft.com/downloads/demo-final-draft.php (Final Draft Demo)

    http://www.videoblocks.com/ (free 7-day trial, then subscription service)
    Short Film Self-Reflection Requirements:
    Each student should address the areas below in your self-reflection due on Friday (nothing late will be accepted).  The minimum length accepted will be a half a page single-spaced, or a full page double-spaced.  Provide examples where necessary.
    - Log your role in your short film (What duties were you responsible for?  How did you contribute?)
    - Provide a percentage to the amount of the film YOU were responsible for.
    - In hindsight, what would you have done differently to your film?  The same?  What would you change?  Why?
    - Are you happy with the outcome of your film?  What grade would you give it out of 100?
    - Any information that I need to know about before grading your individual performance on this project?
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