• Mr. Lyzinski’s Physical Science & Physics Pages
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    This website has been designed to help both students and parents in Mr. Lyzinski's Physical Science and Physics classes at Council Rock High School South. Teaching and Learning Physical Science and Physics is a partnership, or to use some math/science terminology, a "reciprocal" relationship. Both take hard work and dedication. These pages should be used:


    · by absent students to obtain missed class handouts or class notes (if available).


    · by students who need extra copies of class handouts.


    · by students who are looking for a little EXTRA HELP (in the form of notecards, powerpoint presentations, formula sheets, etc).


    · by students who think they have found an error or have a question (since announcements will be posted based on student feedback).


    · by parents who are looking for an opportunity to stay involved in their students academic progress.

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