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CR Music Department High School Trips

Since 1994, the Council Rock School District has provided a unique opportunity for High School Band, Orchestra, and Choir students to travel. Recent destinations include England, Ireland, Italy, France, Iceland, Costa Rica, Greece, Spain, and China. These trips provide students unique performance oppportunitites that provide educational, historical, and musical enrichment. These trips are provided on a four-year rotation.

Music Performances:

Year Destination Group School
1994 Annapolis CR Orchestra CR High School
1995 Chantille, France CR Band CR High School
1996 Germany / Austria CR Choir CR High School
1997 Montreal, Quebec / Canada CR Orchestra CR High School
1998 London, England CR Band CR High School
1999 Dublin, Ireland CR Choir CR High School
2000 Italy CR Orchestra  CR High School
2001 London, England CR Band CR High School
2002 San Francisco CR Choir CR High School
2003 Scotland Orchestra North and South Combined
2004 Hawaii Band CR South
2004 Anaheim/La Jolla Band CR North
2005 Mexico, Belize Choir CR South
2005 Germany/Czech Republic  Choir CR North
2006 Seattle/Vancouver Orchestra CR North
2007 Italy                                      Orchestra CR South
2007 Spain                                       Band CR North
2008 Ireland                                        Band CR South
2008 China                                        Choir CR North
2009 England Choir CR South
2010 London                                 Orchestra             CR North
2011 France/Monaco                            Orchestra CR South
2011 Argentina                            Band CR North
2012 California                                         Band                      CR South
2012 Italy                                         Choir                      CR North
2013 Costa Rica Choir CR South
2014 Costa Rica                              Orchestra             CR North
2015 Greece Orchestra CR South
2015 Italy/Spain/France              Band                       CR North
2016 Italy Band CR South
2016 Scotland / England              Choir                      CR North
2017 England/Wales Choir                      CR South
2018 Iceland                                    Orchestra CR North
2019 Spain                                       Orchestra      CR South
2019 Hawaii Band       CR North
2020 Spain/Portugal                                  Choir CR North
2022 Italy Choir CR South
2022 Czech Republic and Germany Trip Orchestra CR North
2023 Hawaii Band CR North
2023 Hawaii Orchestra CR South