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LINCS Directions for Students


  • Look for volunteer opportunities on the LINCS page of the high school's website. There you will find a Directory of Pre-Approved Organizations which lists pre-approved non-profit organizations; and Upcoming LINCS Opportunities which lists pre-approved short-term opportunities.  All listed organizations have submitted copies of their required clearances to the Council Rock School District only for the supervisor listed.
  • Please make sure that all organizations for which you will be volunteering are aware that the individuals directly supervising you and signing your form have submitted their clearances to Council Rock School District.
  • If the agency or supervisor is not listed, it must be approved by the school BEFORE you start Complete the Student Information section of the LINCS Pre-Approval Form, have the agency/organization complete the Non-Profit Organization section together with clearance assurances, and then submit to the LINCS coordinator for approval before volunteering.
  • Once the activity is approved, you can start volunteering, keeping a log of your service hours on the LINCS Verification form.
  • Upon completion of the volunteer service activity, the Verification Form must be signed by the agency supervisor indicating the amount of time of service. Please be aware of LINCS due dates .
  • The Verification Form also includes an opportunity for reflection at the completion of the activity, describing what the student gained from the experiences. These questions must be answered by the student volunteer in full.
  • The LINCS Verification Form must be fully completed for credit and returned to the LINCS coordinator in each building for notation by the announced due date.
  • Please be aware that a requirement for the National Honor Society and other high school honor organizations is the completion of approved/documented volunteer hours.
  • A student with LINCS-related questions or one who wishes to check his/her LINCS submission status can do so in the Athletic Office at North or in the Main Office at South.
  • Each non-profit agency/organization that you volunteer for must have a separate LINCS Verification form.
  • In May, all LINCS hours that have been submitted on time and verified will be totaled.
  • Although not a requirement for graduation, once a student reaches 60 hours of community service, he/she will receive recognition in the form of documentation on transcript, community service gold seal on diploma, recognition in the graduation program, and eligibility for scholarships and service learning awards.