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LINCS General Guidelines


  • Students may only receive LINCS credit for time served working with a non-profit,  tax-exempt organization/agency. This organization agrees that LINCS volunteers will be covered by their organization's liability insurance while performing the community service. This organization has also met the state requirement to submit clearances of the supervisor/signee.
  • The non-profit agency must comply with all federal, state, and local laws that forbid discrimination, verbal/physical abuse, harassment of any kind.
  • All activities must be performed in a public place and meet the needs of the school or general community.
  • Only hours that have been submitted through Pre-Approval and Verification forms will be included in the LINCS hours for the year.
  • The supervisor signing-off must be over 18 years of age and someone other a member of the student's family; all required clearances must have been submitted to CRSD.
  • Volunteer work done to promote a particular religion, politician or political party, or point of view cannot be counted toward volunteer hours.
  • The LINCS program is not a "job-shadowing'' or "internship" program.
  • As with all educational programs, parent/guardian participation is important. Parents/Guardians and students are encouraged to visit the agency site before a student commits to service. It is important to learn what the expectations are.
  • Participation in LINCS is voluntary, and the time must be served outside of school instructional hours. Hours served are not accepted when students are absent from school.
  • Students may not be paid for services rendered. This includes tips.
  • Agency training/orientation/travel hours/meetings do not count as service learning time. Forms must be turned in annually on the assigned due date. They do not carry over .
  • Any volunteer hours served or required for class credit or school-sponsored teams, clubs and activities/awards may not be counted towards LINCS hours. Hours of community service that exceed the membership requirement for that team/club/activity can be submitted for LINCS credit. Full documentation of additional hours with dates must be provided.
  • Performances and parades will be considered toward LINCS hours when they relate to a charity or community event only, are voluntary, and are not a part of membership requirements. Full documentation of additional hours with dates must be provided.
  • 9th graders may submit up to 5 hours earned during the 8th grade year.