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                                                                 - Log in to O365

CRSD students now have access to the Microsoft service known as Office 365. Office 365 offers a variety of tools for students, including Outlook internal email functionality (email only within the CRSD organization), file storage and collaboration through the SkyDrive tool, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint via Office Web Apps (from within the SkyDrive tool), and a Calendar tool.

What should you do if you experience a problem accessing Office 365?
Students should go to the Library and ask that a BigWebDesk ticket be put in, and the CRSD IT Department will troubleshoot the issue.  

Can students send or receive email to or from email addresses outside
No. The email functionality is limited to messages to and from and/or Students can send email messages to their teachers and to other students within the district. 

Can you access Office 365 Outlook from a smartphone?
Yes. Configuration steps vary by smartphone, but generally, you will need to add an Exchange ActiveSync email account to your phone with the following settings:
Username:<your current CRSD network username>
Password: <your current CRSD network password>
Domain: <leave this setting blank> 

Can you access Office 365 using the mobile app from the Apple Store/Google Play store?
No. We are not currently licensed for the mobile app on Android or iOS.As an alternative, you can put your mobile device web browser into "Desktop View" and access the Office 365 website that way. This seems to work on most new tablets and phones. 

Some online resources you may find helpful:

·         Get started with Office 365

·         Get started with the new Office

·         Install Office with Office 365

·         Use my Office desktop applications with Office 365

·         Set up and use Office 365 on your phone or tablet

·         Start using Office and Office Online

·         Start using SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business, and Newsfeed to share documents and ideas

Some online videos:

·         Welcome to Office 365

·         Share Documents in Office 365

·         Use email and more in Office 365

·         Use Office and Office Online in Office 365

And some other training options: