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To: All Parents of Students

From: CRSD Administration


RE: Student Accident Insurance 

Council Rock School District has changed coverage from a compulsory All STUDENT to an ATHLETIC PARTICIPANTS ONLY coverage for the 2020-2021 academic year. The ATHLETIC ONLY plan coverage will NOT apply to any non-athletic related injuries.

Voluntary Coverage is being made available to purchase. We advise parents to carefully consider the voluntary options available to them listed below.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Coverage

The School District has made arrangements for you, on a voluntary basis, to purchase Primary Excess Medical Coverage for students through Zurich American Insurance Company.  The Voluntary Plan provides for coverage for the first $100 for covered medical costs and excess, secondary medical coverage, for expenses thereafter. Coverage provided is as follows subject to the terms of the policy:

  • School time Only Plan - provides coverage while child is on school premises, during school hours/days, attending school-sponsored and supervised activities including travel directly without interruption between the student’s residence and school/activity with transportation furnished by the school.  Excludes all interscholastic sports.
  • 24 Hour ‘Round the Clock” Plan - provides around the clock coverage for child while he/she is in school, at home, or away.  Excludes all interscholastic sports.

The voluntary individual insurance specifically excludes medical coverage for accidents resulting from participation in interscholastic sports, for which the School District does provide limited, secondary excess coverage under the School District’s policy.

Please refer to the Bollinger Specialty Group website,, for a complete description of the plans and coverages.  If you have any questions, please call the Bollinger Specialty Group at 1-800-526-1379.

You may complete the application and make payment online or you may download and mail the completed application along with your check or money order for the correct premium to the Bollinger Specialty Group as noted on the application. 

Please make check payable to:  Bollinger Specialty Group

Parents must file a claim with both their own insurance company and the school’s accident insurance company within 90 days of the date of injury.