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Administrative Regulations


AR-109R1                Selection, Evaluation, and Use of Print and Non-Print Resources   

AR-109R2                Selection of Print Material Required for Classroom Use

AR-109R3                Selection of Non-Print Material Required for Classroom Use          

AR-109R4                Handling of Objections to Instructional Material 

AR-109R5               CRSD Library Selection Procedure

AR-109R6               Reconsideration-Objection to Material
AR-109R7                Library Resource Material Student Exemption Procedure

AR-116-R                 Instructional Tutors

AR-117R1                Homebound Instruction

AR-121R1                Duties and Responsibilities of Parent and Teacher Chaperons of Elementary Field Trips Grades K-5

AR-121R2                Duties and Responsibilities of Teacher Chaperones of Secondary School Activities Grades 6 -12     

AR-122-R-1              Booster Groups

AR-126.1                 Elementary Class Size Guidelines

AR-130R1                Homework Responsibilities

AR-131R                          December Holiday Symbols

AR-201                    First Grade Early Admission

AR-206R1                Attendance Exceptions

AR-209R1                Referral of Students to the Nurse

AR-212R1                Elementary School Progress Report Grades K-2   

AR-212R2                Elementary School Progress Report Grades 3-6   

AR-212.1R               Academic Integrity Guidelines

AR-213                    Assessment of Student Progress Assessment Practices    

AR-215R1                Elementary Guidance Promotion

AR 216R1                Handling Subpoenas

AR-217.1R1             Course Weight, Grade Point Average, and Class Rank

AR-218R2                Expulsion Procedures Readmission to School

AR-232R1                Duties and Responsibilities of Teacher Chaperones of Secondary School Activities Grades 6-12      

AR-246.1                 Practices and Procedures for Students Requesting to Leave the Classroom

AR-431-1                 Reimbursement for Meals and Other Expenses for Out-of-District Workshops

AR-611R1                Purchasing Procedures

AR-617R1                Petty Cash Funds

AR-618R1                Activity Account Funds

AR-618R2                Monies Collected from Students' Lost Materials/Expendable Supplies

AR-621R                  Taxpayers Bill of Rights Disclosure Statement

AR-701R1                Guidelines for Coordinating School Construction Projects

AR-707                    Facility Use Fees

AR-707.2                 On Use of District Facilities for Staff Sponsored Fundraising

AR-801R1                Public Records

AR-801.1                 Exempted Records

AR-805R1                Plan of Action in the Event of a Fire or Disaster

AR-808R1                Administrative Regulation for Implementing Free and/or Reduced Price Lunches for Qualified Students

AR-808.1                  Food Service Payment Procedure for Student Accounts

AR-808.2                 Administrative Regulation Food Service Procedures to Price Adult Meals    

AR-810                    Use of District Motor Vehicle

AR-815.1                 Social Media Guidelines

AR-820R1                Fees and Charges