• CR North Girls Volleyball

  • Varsity Coach - Michael Adams


    cell# 7327180644


    **Please complete all forms prior to tryouts. Forms can be found HERE

    Tryouts are scheduled for:

    Mon-Fri 9-12noon. Aug 16-20.

    Saturday Aug 21 is the first scrimmage for CRS 2021-2022 players and will be all day. Make sure schedules are clear of everything including work please. 


    Please follow the following guidelines for the online concussion module:

    Directions to the Online CCET Concussion Training Module:

    1. Click on link: https://chpswtemple.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6RtZWOjWTytrAbP
    to open the online learning module for Concussion Education. It will say Temple University College of Public Health

    2. Fill out your FIRST and LAST name. Then click on --> the to advance to the next section.

    3. Select the SCHOOL BUILDING you will be attending in the fall.

    4. If you attend a technical school, put your HOME SCHOOL BUILDING click  -->

    5. In the next section put your EMAIL ADDRESS, then click -->

    6. Select what GRADE you will be going into this FALL 2020, then click -->

    7. Select any SPORT you will or plan to play in the 2020-2021 school year, then click -->

    8. The next section you is the PRESENTATION. If it does not initially show up, click on the screen to START the presentation.

    9. Each section of this presentation takes approximately 7-10 minutes.

    10. You may have to view it in full screen.

    11. At the end of each section of the presentation you will have to click the  -->  at the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen.

    12. When the presentation for each section is completed you will need to answer the MULTIPLE CHOICE OR TRUE/FALSE questions in each section.

    13. When you have completed the presentation and all the questions it will show you your score.

    14. Your Athletic Trainer will be able to see who has completed this presentation and the score you receive on the questions.

    15. This will fulfill your mandatory Concussion Education for the 2020-2021 school year. Athletic Trainers and Coaches will be in touch on how the ImPACT Test will be completed for their student athletes.



    Before continuing:

    1. If using a laptop or chromebook make sure it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

    2. Pop-up blockers are turned off.

    3. Test environment is quiet and distraction-free.  You should take this in a quiet room with no one else around

    4. You are well-rested.

    5. Cell phones and other devices are turned off or away from the testing area.

    6. You’re sitting at a table or desk with a flat hard surface.

    7. All other browser tabs and programs are closed.

    8. You’re using an external mouse. This is the preferred testing method.



    1.      Open Windows Internet Explorer

    2.      In the address bar enter www.impacttestonline.com/schools

    3.      Enter the following customer code: B7CE583C5F

    4.      When you enter your name into the system type it with your first and last name capitalized.  If this is not your first time taking the test please try to type in your name as you have in the past.

    5.      When it comes to the choice you have to select ENTER ADDITIONAL DEMOGRAPHICS if you skip this part it will delay you getting credit for taking the test.

    6.      When you get to the page that asks about your secondary language only enter a language that you speak at home frequently.  Classes you are taking in a foreign language do not count.

    7.      Years of education are as follows:

            8th Grade=7
            7th Grade=6

    8.      The current position question means what position on your team do you play? If you play multiple positions or are not sure it is OK to leave it blank.

    9.      Number of times diagnosed with a concussion: This means times you have seen a doctor or been told by another medical professional (athletic trainer, nurse) that you have a concussion.



     Camps and Clinics

    Bucks County Elite

    Preseason Camp Held at Council Rock North is scheduled for August 10th-13th 2020


    Click here to register

     Registration opens March 1st, 2020

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